Anthony Nicholas Gallo

Anthony Nicholas GalloAnthony Nicholas Gallo is a recent graduate of Bergen Community College, where he earned an Associates Degree in Psychology.  Anthony is a very serious student, and made the Dean’s List every semester of college. He even averaged a 4.0 in his last semester, culminating in an overall GPA of 3.7.

Although Anthony is very proud of his undergraduate degree, he hopes to continue his education, and pursue a Masters in Social Work, with a concentration in Addiction Studies.  Anthony has already completed 108 course hours towards becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and is an active volunteer in drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities.

Anthony Nicholas Gallo has always been a hard worker, and is currently active in construction to hone some practical skills that he knows will be useful later on in life.  In addition to this, he also works for a florist, assembling and taking down wedding set-ups at various functions in the greater New York City area.  On top of all of this, Anthony is quite the car enthusiast, and works independently as a car specialist and detailer.

In his spare time, Anthony Nicholas Gallo engages in various creative passions such as poetry and photography.  He is deeply inspired by the world around him, and finds it necessary to capture his thoughts and emotions through visual and written art.  You can read some of Anthony’s favorite poetry, as well as view his photography portfolio under the “Anthony’s Links” section of this page.

Being the incredibly ambitious individual that Anthony is, he extends his commitment to psychology and drug and alcohol counseling past the academic setting.  Anthony is a frequent speaker at rehabs, jails, and wellness centers on the topic of physical and mental health and stability.  He volunteers on a consistent basis in and around his community to help others in need, and counsel them in living a clean lifestyle.

Anthony Nicholas Gallo has committed to a completely clean lifestyle, and has dedicated himself to eating well, and working out on a consistent basis.  He has educated himself on the importance of vitamin therapy, and has also learned the art of Swedish massage, taking an all-encompassing approach to mind and body wellness.